This past Sunday I introduced the “PASSPORT to the Vision”–a seven-step process that will place you in a position for the Holy Spirit to fill you and turn you into a Soul Seeker who makes disciples…who make disciples.

I urge you…

The seven steps can be taken in any order.
We recommend the following:

  1. Small Group–Participate in a small group where you can experience Christian fellowship (Connect 4) as well as study the Bible and reach out to the lost (Sunday School, Life Groups, and Life Transformation Groups).  To sign up or to receive information about these groups, please email Pastor Michael: or text him: 443-880-1716.
  2. “Can We Walk?”–A five-week class offered on Sunday mornings that treats Christian basics for brand new believers or those who were just never taught the basics.  Contact Pastor Bruce:
  3. “The Holy Spirit: An Introduction”–A five-week class offered on Sunday mornings that presents who the Holy Spirit is and how you can have surrendered daily fellowship with Him.  Contact Pastor Michael.
  4. “Surrender”–A worship service for all those who want to surrender all to the Holy Spirit.  We will conduct this service periodically on Sunday nights at 6:00 p.m.  Ministry for young children will be provided.  Our first service was held this past Sunday night.  The next service will be held on Sunday, November 5.
  5. “Let’s Talk”–Six weeks of “on the job training” offered on Monday nights to teach you how to share the gospel, to help eradicate your fear of doing so, and to lead people to accept Christ.
    Please contact me:
  6. “Love Your Neighborhood to Christ” (L.Y.N.C.) or Z-Team.
    When you participate in L.Y.N.C., you agree to befriend some of your neighbors with the goal of helping to lead them to faith in Christ.  Please contact me.

    As a member of the Z Team, you “adopt” a single mom and her family from Prince Street Elementary School whom we already assist through “Blessings in a Backpack.”  You show and share the love of Christ as you meet needs using church resources and the love in your heart.  Please contact J.D. Schroen:

  7. Lead and Guide–This step is the culmination of the entire PASSPORT effort…to LEAD someone to faith in Christ and to GUIDE that person through the PASSPORT so that they lead someone to Christ and you become a spiritual grandparent!  When you have completed this step…contact me!  We will praise God together.

    Please pursue the PASSPORT to the Vision and become a “Spirit-filled Soul Seeker Who Makes Disciples…Who Make Disciples”–all for that which matters the most: the glory of God’s Name and the pleasure of God’s heart.

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