“Lord, what do You want for Allen?”

That is the question members of the Awaken Team lifted to the Lord repeatedly during the weeks preceding our recent retreat held at Camp Wo-Me-To and graciously funded by one of our members.

“Who is the Awaken Team”?

A team of Allen Memorial members and pastoral staff assembled to seek the Lord’s will for our church and to help us pursue it.  After months of prayer and consultation with the pastoral staff and the deacons, I was delighted to recruit the following people to serve on our first Awaken Team for the next twelve months:

Amy Self, Bruce Glisson, Janice Davis, Jay Waddell, Michael Sove, Elisabeth Murphy, Dottie Clutter, Jud Kossum, Wendy Cain, and Kim Musser.

We emerged from that retreat with four areas we felt the Holy Spirit led us to improve in 2017:

  1. Prayer Strategy
  2. Communication System
  3. Groups Strategy
  4. Engagement Pathway (from guest to fully-functioning member)

Each of these four teams has recruited others from the church to assist them.

Please pray for the Awaken Team as they diligently work on the answers they have received to the question burning in their heart: “Lord, what do You want for Allen?”

(“Okay, why is your blog entitled, “500”?  To assure you that it will always be BRIEF–500 words or less.  Aren’t you glad?)




One comment

  1. Thanks for sharing. I will be praying also, that God’s perfect will for the next year 2017 will be no less and no different than what He wants to make available to the Body to partake of.

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